Steve-O's Back-Flip Off Bridge Could Cost Him


Former "Jackass" star, stunt performer and comedian Steve-O said he had no idea when he did a 30-foot back-flip off the Commerce Street Bridge in San Antonio, Texas, that he was headed into just four feet of water.

"I found out when I hit the bottom," the 39-year-old stunt performer said on Facebook.

On the bright side, Steve-O's jump last week got picked up by the local TV news ahead of his local comedy club gig. His tweet got him almost 2,800 retweets. Two posts got him about 100,000 likes each on Facebook and a third got almost 21,000 likes on Instagram.

But the San Antonio Police Department probably wasn't among the "likes." Police suggest it may have been "deadly conduct" and are threatening to file charges against the TV personality that could cost him hundreds of dollars in fines and even possible jail time.

"The San Antonio Police Department is investigating a deadly conduct offense case," San Antonio Police Department spokeswoman Sandy Gutierrez told "Charges have not been filed yet, and we don't know when they will since the case is not finalized."

Should charges be filed, Gutierrez said that Steve-O will be accused of committing deadly conduct in violation of Texas Penal Code 22.05, and swimming in the San Antonio River which is prohibited according to the City of San Antonio Ordinance Sec. 22.87.

Deadly conduct, as defined in the Texas Penal Code, is when "a person commits an offense if he recklessly engages in conduct that places another in imminent danger of serious bodily injury." It could result in an unspecified fine or jail time.

"Whether or not his punishment will be a fine or jail time will be up to the judge," San Antonio Police spokesman Jonathan Esquivel said.

Swimming in the San Antonio River in the downtown area is a municipal offense that could yield a $500 fine.

Right after the jump, Steve-O's social media comments hinted at regret.

On his Facebook page he said, "I had no idea the water was only four feet deep."

On Twitter, he posted a picture of the jump, noting, "That water is way shallow, I don't recommend doing this- I hit the bottom."

His Instagram photo and comment carried the same feel: "I did a good deed today by proving it's not safe to jump off this bridge at the San Antonio River Walk. It's shallow- I hit the bottom when I landed this gainer flip. #notagoodidea #yeahdude #steveo"

Steve-O's representative did not respond to a phone call requesting comment.

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