Watch Jennifer Lawrence Go Wild in 'American Hustle' Outtake

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There's more to love about Jennifer Lawrence's Oscar-nominated performance as the jaded Rosalyn Rosenfeld in " American Hustle."

In a wild four-minute scene that never made it into the film, Lawrence, 23, lip syncs and dances along to Santana's 1969 song "Evil Ways" while cleaning her living room.

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Dressed as Rosalyn in a leopard print caftan, her hair piled high on her head with yellow gloves on her hands, Lawrence swings around the room with her vacuum cleaner and dustrag.

As she sings, "This can't go on," Lawrence starts to really rock out, whipping her hair back and forth, flailing her arms and even dropping to all fours.

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Director David O. Russell shot the outrageous scene during one continuous take. But in the end, he chose a shorter, equally captivating scene in which Lawrence sings along to Paul McCartney & Wings' "Live and Let Die."

You can catch Lawrence's boisterous rendition of "Evil Ways" on the newly-released DVD/Blu-Ray of "American Hustle," along with other deleted scenes from the film, which earned 10 Oscar nods.

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