3-Year-Old Channels Phillip Phillips With Serious Guitar Jam

Sure, this adorable 3-year-old boy loves playing with his trains and fire trucks, but his favorite thing to play in the whole wide world is singer Phillip Phillips' music album "Home."

Little Carter Brinton loves the "American Idol" winner so much, despite only being 3, he's memorized all the words to his songs and holds daily full-blown, foot-stomping, guitar-playing concerts in his living room, singing to his tiny heart's content.

"He sings on his stage, which is really just my coffee table," Carter's mom, Mindy Brinton of Lakeland, Fla., told GoodMorningAmerica.com.

Carter apparently loves all music, but when it comes to Phillips, there is no competition.

"I work weekend nights, I'm a nurse, and my husband would be home with the kids and he noticed whenever the song 'Home' came on, he'd suddenly stop fussing," Brinton said.

The family rolled with it, embracing his pint-sized performances, and judging from Carter's emotional investment in this YouTube video, they might just have the next Phillip Phillips on their hands.

"He is a seasoned performer," Brinton said. "He's shown an interest in doing that since he was 18 months old."

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