Madonna's 'Gay' Kale Comment Has Fans Fired Up

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Madonna has never shied away from controversy.

The Material Girl is making waves again, this time for describing kale as "gay."

The pop star recently took part in Buzzfeed's word-association game and was asked to write down the first thing that came to mind for 10 completely random things.

She also wrote "gay" for Russian President Vladimir Putin. But it was her response to the trendy leafy green vegetable that had people crying foul.

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"Saying kale is 'gay' is meant to convey that she doesn't like it, so it is an insult," one fan wrote. "I am SO TIRED of people using 'gay' in a negative context."

Another person wrote, "I am surprised she is using the word 'gay' as an insult. I thought she was more sensitive than that."

Her putdown of kale wasn't the only comment that drew fire, however. A number of folks didn't take too kindly to her description of guacamole as "gross germs."

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Meanwhile, her comments on Hillary Clinton ("angry"), tennis ("rich people sport") and Jell-O shots ("white trash sport") didn't seem to bother anyone.

No word yet from the singer on the kale controversy.

Madonna, 55, apologized earlier this year for another offhanded comment she made, using a variation of the n-word in a caption she posted on Instagram, alongside a photo of her son Rocco Ritchie.

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