Lorde Turns to Twitter to Complain About Alleged Photographer Harassment

VIDEO: The Grammy winner is taking to social media to stand up for her privacy.

Lorde, the teen star known for her megahit, "Royals," is fighting back against what she calls stalking and harassment by a paparazzo.

Still in her final year of high school, the 17-year-old New Zealander posted a photo of the photographer on Twitter.

"This man has been stalking me, photographing me and refusing me privacy. I am scared of him," she wrote on Saturday. "I refuse to stay passive about men systematically subjecting me to extreme fear."

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She later added: "I understand that this comes with the territory. I do not understand why I should be complacent."

Lorde, who has more than 1.5 million Twitter followers, also tweeted a link to the photographer's Facebook page. Since she took her fight to Twitter, Lorde's tweets have been retweeted thousands of times.

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This is not the first time this photographer, whom ABC News is not identifying, has been accused of crossing the line. Last year in an online post, superstar singer Rihanna lashed out against the same man after he took photos of her in a New Zealand hotel room.

The photographer did not reply to ABC News' request for comment.

"The average person has no idea how intimidating and how threatening these photographers are," said Howard Bragman, an image expert and ABC News consultant.

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Lorde joins a long list of young celebrities who are fighting back against paparazzi. In 2012, Justin Bieber was cited for speeding after allegedly being followed on the Los Angeles freeway by photographers.

The pursuit prompted a call to 911 by Bieber.

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