Man Raises $30K for Kenny Loggins to Play in His Living Room

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A Kenny Loggins' fan raised over $30,000 on Kickstarter to have the singer-songwriter play a private acoustic set in his living room.

Erick Sanchez, 28, reached his $30,000 goal today with 10 days remaining in his campaign to get Loggins to play a 75-minute acoustic set with his new band Blue Sky Riders in Sanchez's Washington, D.C., living room.

An appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last week certainly helped.

Sanchez told Kimmel that he started his campaign after learning that Loggins had his own Kickstarter campaign to fund a new album - and one of the rewards for donating $30,000 was a private concert in your living room.

"I'm 28 years old, but musically I think I'm 30 years older than I actually am," Sanchez told Kimmel, eliciting laughter from the audience. "I like to say that my dentist is my deejay."

Watch: Guy Wants Kenny Loggins to Play in His Living Room

Sanchez's campaign had gotten widespread media attention and drawn close to 200 backers, including Loggins himself, who donated $500 for the "Guillermo Special" package, guaranteeing him a seat at the show.

"So Kenny has actually donated to the Kickstarter campaign that will fund his Kickstarter campaign," Kimmel joked. "It's becoming very metta. It's like 'Inception' or something."

Kimmel then tested Sanchez's knowledge of Loggins, challenging him to fill in lyrics to some of the singer's famous songs, like "I'm Alright" and "Danny's Song."

Sanchez met the challenge, professing, "I'm a huge 'Logginsnista.'"

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