80 Things We LOVE About the ’80s! (Part 2)


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With a little help from our “GMA” Facebook fans… eight more things we LOVE about the ’80s! Get ready for “GMA’s” Totally Awesome ’80s week starting this Monday!

9) Gayla Rush Johnson: Shoulder pads; weren’t they just awesome. I watch old clips of Dynasty and see Linda Evans in dresses with the shoulder pads — really made us look like we had broad shoulders!!!!

10) L ori Zeolia Shockley Tight-rolled, frosted jeans, granny boots, big hair, and driving to the skating rink in a Trans Am. Best time to be a teenager!

11)  Ellyn Lovas Van Halen when they had David Lee Roth.

12) Alice Young That’s when my husband and I were born! My favorite movie ever came out the same year I was born, DIRTY DANCING! Also, the music rocks!

13) Aj Douthitt The facts of life! Loved that show!

14) Christie Gammill Chandler The 80's, I graduated high school, got married, and became a mom all in that decade. The best movie ever made also came out “Top Gun.”

15) P.j. Belue-Cornelius Colored Reebok high tops and my denim Guess mini skirt!

16) Kari Ann Young Bon Jovi!!!!!!!! Nothing like that feeling of seeing a Jovi show and getting our hair as big as possible.


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