‘GMA’ Talks Epic Fail (John Berman Still in Shock)

Boston Red Sox fans all over the country are in shock this morning after their team pulled off one of the most stunning chokes in sports history.  Our senior news producer Ken (who is more concerned about the New England Patriots and the length of Tom Brady’s hair) says the team was better when they were underdogs — and that’s the only way he’s coping with the loss this morning.

ABC’s John Berman is still gobsmacked — the photo he tweeted (below) overnight made us wonder if he was actually showing up to Times Square for work this morning.

Courtesy of John Berman


He showed up, but he took the loss hard: “I”d say good morning … but that would be an abject lie.  It’s an awful, awful morning.  And let me just thank you for making me come in and talk about it.  What happened to the Red Sox was not only perhaps one of the worst collapses in history, it was close to statistically impossible.”

To read more on the Sox loss from John Berman, click here.




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