Oct. 10: Naval Academy Opens; Spiro Agnew Resigns; Outer Space Treaty

VIDEO: Vice President Spiro Agnew Resigns

1845 U.S. Naval School Opens

U.S. Naval School, later known as the United States Naval Academy, opened in Annapolis, Maryland.  50 students attended in its inaugural year.  Only one U.S. president has attended the Naval Academy — President Jimmy Carter, class of 1947.


1967 Outer Space Treaty

International space laws went into effect on Oct. 10, 1967.  The treaty had been signed on Jan. 27, 1967 by the United States, the United Kingdom and the Soviet Union.  The treaty lays out basic tenets of space law, establishing that outer space is free for exploration by all nations and that each nation is responsible for objects they send into space.  98 countries have ratified the treaty, as of 2008.


1973 Vice President Spiro Agnew Resigns

Spiro Agnew resigned from position, pleading no contest to tax evasion.


1973 Yom Kippur War

Mideast war escalates when Egyptian and Syrian forces attack Israeli forces.


1983 James Watt Resigns

Secretary of the Interior James Watt resigned after remarks about liberals and environmentalists.


2004 Christopher Reeve Dies

Christopher Reeve died at the age of 52.  Reeve became famous for his starring role in the 1978 “Superman” film.  In 1995, Christopher Reeve was paralyzed from the neck down after falling from a horse in Virginia. His injury increased public awareness to spinal cord injuries, and he helped raise money for research toward a cure.


Famous Birthdays

1924 Ed Wood

1950 Nora Roberts

1969 Brett Favre

1973 Mario Lopez

1976 Bob Burnquist


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