Oct. 15: Global Handwashing Day; Clarence Thomas Confirmed; China’s First Manned Space Flight

VIDEO: Apollo 7 transmits live video from space

Oct. 15 is Global Handwashing Day, a movement to promote washing hands with soap and water to prevent the spread of disease.  Millions of children in developing countries die each year of diarrhea and respiratory infections — conditions that could be  lessened by washing hands before eating and after using the toilet.


1968 First Live Video From Space

Apollo 7 sends first live network transmission of video images from space.



1990: Gorbachev Wins Peace Prize

Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev receives the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in slowing the arms race.



1991: Clarence Thomas Confirmed

By a narrow margin, the Senate votes Clarence Thomas onto the Supreme Court.



2001: Anthrax Scare at ABC, Senate

ABC employee’s child has anthrax while Sen. Tom Daschle finds substance in his mail.


2003 China Launches First Manned Space Mission

Space shuttle Shenzhou 5 marks China’s first manned space flight.  Yang Liwei was the sole crew member aboard the 21-hour space flight.




Famous Birthdays

1920 Mario Puzo

1923 Italo Calvino

1926 Michel Foucault

1959 Sarah Ferguson

1959 Emeril Lagasse

1959 Todd Solondz


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