My Dog’s Better Than Your Dog: The Finals!

VIDEO: Mower-riding, scooter-pushing canines compete to be top dog in "GMAs" contest.

All week long, it’s been dog versus dog. We winnowed hundreds of entries down to six semi-finalists. Three talented canines now traveling at this hour to Times Square to compete for the Golden Bone.

So which clever canines are joining us live Thursday on “GMA”? Let’s recap.

Monday kicked off with two pushy pooches: Maggie, the John Deere-driving Goldendoodle pitted against Ruger, the scooter-pushing cattle dog.

Your votes sent Ruger to the finals and Maggie to the doghouse (though some of us are still pulling for Maggie to come to Times Square and drive that tractor around).

Tuesday, it was a battle of the puppy brains with Charlie, the slide-happy Golden Retriever up against Hallie, the toy genius Yorkiepoo.

Your votes sent Hallie onto the finals.

Wednesday, we showcased two dogs who do it all. Gabe, the rocking horse-riding Bulldog who also fetches milk when his owner is eating brownies versus Leroy, the talented table-setting Border Collie.

That vote as down to the wire, separated by just a few percentage points. Gabe rocked the vote for the win.

Thursday, Ruger, Hallie and Gabe are going nose-to-nose LIVE in Times Square. Get ready to vote.

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