Oct. 21: Day of the Nacho; Anti-War Protest; Ferdinand Marcos Indicted

VIDEO: Ferdinand Marcos Indicted for Racketeering

Oct. 21 is recognized as International Day of the Nacho, not to be confused with National Nacho Day on Nov. 6 (but can’t we celebrate this fine food year-round anyway?).  Ignacio Anaya invented nachos at the Victory Club in Coahuila, Mexico in 1943.  Ignacio Anaya was not actually the cook at Victory Club, but when a group of soldiers’ wives stopped in for a snack and the cook was MIA, Anaya dashed into the kitchen and created a quick dish using whatever ingredients he could find – tortillas, cheese and jalapenos.  Ignacio Anaya later brought his recipe to the Moderno restaurant, and in 1975 he opened up his own restaurant in Piedras Negras called Nacho’s Restaurant.  Ignacio Anaya was unable to patent the name “nachos” because it had been around too long when he tried and was considered public domain.

Also on This Day:


1967 Anti-Vietnam War Protest

Over 100,000 protestors rally outside the Pentagon building in Washington, D.C.  Nearly 700 people were arrested when demonstrators clashed with police and soldiers.


1988 Ferdinand Marcos Indicted for Racketeering

The former president of the Philippines and his wife embezzled public funds.

1994 U.S. and North Korea Sign Nuclear Deal

North Korea agreed to not develop a nuclear weapon program, and in return, the United States would build nuclear power reactors for North Koreans.


2003 Terri Schiavo ‘Right to Die’ Case

Fla. Gov. Jeb Bush overrides court decision to remove Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube.


Famous Birthdays

1772 Samuel Coleridge

1928 Whitey Ford

1949 Benjamin Netanyahu

1956 Carrie Fisher

1980 Kim Kardashian

1982 Matt Dallas

1986 Natalee Holloway


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