Gabe Bull-Dozes His Way Into ‘GMA’ Control Room


This is the face of a “My Dog is Better Than Yours” champion.

After winning the coveted golden dog bone for his skateboarding and rocking horse riding skills, Gabe the Bulldog did what any four legged gold medalist would do: Helped produce the tail end of “GMA.”

Like the other A-Listers that visit our show, Gabe showed up bright and early with his entourage (human owner) and prepped for his live segment with a few warm-up rocking horse rides in his green room. He was a celebrity of unique proportions — a pudgy, furry stunt dog that had even our caffeine-induced staffers slowing down to pose for pictures in between gulps of coffee as they made their way to the control room for the 7am start of the show.


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