Nov. 2: Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

VIDEO: President Reagan Approves MLK Day

A woman fills a jug with water for the flowers she is using to decorate the graves of relatives on the eve of Day of the Dead celebrations in Salcaja, Guatemala, Oct. 31, 2011. (Rodrigo Abd/AP Photo)

Day of the Dead: Nov. 2 is the final day of Dia de los Muertos festivities, the Day of the Dead. Rituals are cheerful, rather than somber, celebrating the everlasting life of the soul.

Families prepare altars for lost loved ones in their homes or in cemeteries, in the belief that their souls will return to visit during this time. Altars made for the deceased represent the elements of nature: earth, wind, water and fire. Vibrant flowers and food items represent the earth. Light-weight, moving objects such as tissue paper can represent wind, candles are lit for fire and water is typically placed in a small basin. Crosses and religious pictures are also commonly placed at altars.

Food is the nourishment of the soul and integral to Day of the Dead festivals. Sweet, glazed bread is popular at meals as well as altar offerings. Sugar skulls are a popular treat during the Day of the Dead celebrations.  The molded sugar skulls are decorated brightly with icing or sequins, and some have names written across their foreheads to represent lost loved ones. Other popular dishes include corn, pumpkin and chocolate.

Local Day of the Dead traditions vary in different countries, but many include costumes, dancing and parades. In Guatemala, thousands of kites are flown to honor the dead. In Haiti, rituals blend with Voodoo culture: Loud drumming in cemeteries is meant to awaken the spirits of the dead. In Brazil, families bring flowers and candles to the graves of loved ones, but there are no big celebrations inside the cemeteries.

Dia de los Muertos coincides with the Christian holiday All Souls’ Day.

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