Nov. 13: World Kindess Day

VIDEO: Bush authorizes military tribunals in 2001

World Kindness Day:  Kindness can be contagious.  The World Kindness Movement began at a conference in 1997 in Tokyo, with the aim of inspiring individuals to be kinder to others.  The movement strives to make the world a better place as more people become involved in and conscious of acts of kindness.  What random act of kindness will you perform today?


Also on This Day:


1969 ‘March Against Death’ in D.C.

Approximately 45,000 demonstrators marched in Washington, D.C., to show their opposition to the war in Vietnam. Each protestor carried the name of a soldier who died during the war, and the names were read aloud during the march. The route began at Arlington National Cemetery and continued past the White House.

1982 Vietnam Veterans Memorial Dedicated

Thousands of Vietnam War veterans marched to the memorial site in Washington, D.C., for the dedication ceremony. The Memorial Wall contains the names of more than 50,000 soldiers who were either killed or missing in action.  The other parts of the memorial, the Three Soldiers Statue and the Vietnam Women’s Memorial were dedicated at later dates.  The memorial is maintained by the National Park Service.


2001 President Bush Authorizes Military Tribunals

Two months following the terror attacks of 9/11, the president authorized special military court trials for terror suspects.


2002 “Nightline” Trains With the Special Forces

“Nightline” accompanied Green Beret recruits on a training mission.


Famous Birthdays

1850 Robert Louis Stevenson

1954 Chris Noth

1955 Whoopi Goldberg

1967 Jimmy Kimmel

1969 Gerard Butler

1979 Ron Artest


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