Nov. 15: America Recycles Day

VIDEO: Open Elections in Pakistan 1988

America Recycles DaySince 1997, Nov. 15 has become a day to educate and motivate people to recycle more.   Take the pledge to learn more about recycling options in your community and to reduce your personal waste.  Many resources are available online to help you recycle just about everything.

Earth911 helps you find recycling centers near you for a variety of used products, including paper, paint, cars and electronics.

Call2Recycle lists drop-off locations in your area for rechargeable batteries and cell phones that you no longer need.


Also on This Day:


1867 First NYSE Stock Ticker

Edward Calahan’s stock ticker machine printed the current stock info onto reams of ticker tape at the New York Stock Exchange.  Before the ticker device, investors relied on the mail system for  already out of date details on prices and shares.  Thomas Edison improved the ticker’s design in 1869.  Modern stock tickers are computerized.


1969 First Wendy’s Restaurant Opens in Ohio

Happy Birthday to the square burger!  On this day in 1969, Dave Thomas opened the first Wendy’s restaurant in Columbus, Ohio.  He named the fast food eatery after his daughter, and aimed to differentiate his business from typical fast food by using fresh – not frozen – ground beef for made to order burgers.  Wendy’s wasn’t the first place to deviate from round burgers, however, Kewpee Hamburgers in Thomas’ home town Kalamazoo, Michigan, also offered square patties.


1988 Open Elections in Pakistan

After years of martial law, Benazir Bhutto represented democratic principles in Pakistan.


2004 Colin Powell Resigns

Secretary of State Colin Powell resigned from President Bush’s cabinet.



Famous Birthdays

1887 Georgia O’Keefe

1929 Ed Asner

1930 J. G. Ballard

1947 Bill Richardson

1951 Beverly D’Angelo

1968 Ol’ Dirty Bastard

1972 Jonny Lee Miller


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