Nov. 18: ‘Steamboat Willie’ Premieres 1928; ‘Aggie Bonfire’ Collapse 1999

VIDEO: President Reagans War on Drugs

1928 “Steamboat Willie” Cartoon Premieres

Walt Disney's animated cartoon "Steamboat Willie" debuted, Nov. 18, 1928, in New York City. The cartoon starred Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. (AP)

Walt Disney’s animated cartoon “ Steamboat Willie” debuted at the Colony Theater on Broadway in New York City.  This cartoon was among the first animations to feature synchronized sound, and was also the first public appearance of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse.  “Steamboat Willie” runs around 8 minutes,  and the estimated budget was a little less than $5,000.


Also on This Day:

  1988 President Reagan’s War on Drugs

President Reagan signed a bill establishing harsher penalties for drug trafficking.


1999 Bonfire Collapses at Texas A&M

Texas A&M students were preparing the annual “Aggie bonfire,” carrying out a tradition before their football game against rival University of Texas at Austin.   The massive tower of logs collapsed, killing 12 students.  The rescue effort was slow out of fear that the wrong move would cause another collapse.

  2006 Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Marry

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got married at a Church of Scientology in Italy.  The early days of their relationship generated a lot of tabloid buzz because of their 16-year age difference.  The couple has one child together, Suri Cruise, born on Apr. 18, 2006.



Famous Birthdays

1923 Alan Shepard

1923 Ted Stevens

1939 Margaret Atwood

1953 Alan Moore

1958 Oscar Nunez

1968 Gary Sheffield

1968 Owen Wilson

1969 Duncan Sheik

1974 Chloe Sevigny

1975 David Ortiz

1985 Christian Siriano


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