Dec. 23: Voyager Completes Circumnavigation 1986

VIDEO: Apollo 8 Sends Video of Earth

1968: Apollo 8 Enters Moon's Gravity

The NASA spacecraft sent back live video of   Earth from a lunar perspective.  Apollo 8's moon mission began  Dec. 21, 1968, and ended Dec. 27, 1968, when the mission returned home.

1986: Voyager Completes Flight

Voyager's pilots Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeager completed the first nonstop circumnavigation of   Earth without refueling.  The Voyager's flight lasted nine days, and when it took off from Edwards Air Force Base in California it carried over three times its weight in fuel.

Famous Birthdays

1946 Susan Lucci

1964 Eddie Vedder

1967 Carla Bruni

1971 Corey Haim

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