Jan. 9: Apple Introduces First iPhone 2007

VIDEO: Iraq Invades Kuwait

1991 Geneva Talks Between U.S. and Iraq

Representatives from the United States and Iraq met in Geneva to discuss the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.  Secretary James Baker met with Foreign Minister Tariq Aziz for over six hours, but both sides were unable to reach an agreement.

2007 Apple Unveils the iPhone

At the 2007 Macworld conference, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced, "Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone."  He unveiled the first iPhone,  a touch screen device that combined iPod features with phone service.  Jobs, confident with the revolutionary product said, "I think we're going to hit a grand slam with this."

2005 PLO Elections

The Palestine Liberation Organization holds election to replace Yasser Arafat.  Mahmoud Abbas declared victory in the election and spoke of the difficult mission ahead to build the Palestinian state.

Famous Birthdays

1908 Simone de Beauvoir

1913 Richard Nixon

1935 Bob Denver

1941 Joan Baez

1944 Jimmy Page

1955 J.K. Simmons

1967 Dave Matthews

1968 Joey Lauren Adams

1978 AJ McLean

1978 Chad Ochocinco

1982 Kate Middleton

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