Jan. 23: First 'Frisbee' Toys 1957


1957 First 'Frisbee' Toys

In 1957, toy company Wham-O produced the first plastic " Frisbees" - marketed at the time as "Pluto Platters."

Wham-O toy company began making "Pluto Platters" in 1957. A year later the discs were renamed "Frisbees". (Howard Berman / Getty Images)

The "Frisbee" dates back to William Frisbie's "Frisbie Pie Company," opened in Connecticut in 1871.  Students in the area would play with the empty pie tins, flinging them at each other and yelling "Frisbie!"  Their game inspired inventors Walter Frederick Morrison and Warren Franscioni to create a plastic model that would fly better than the pie tins.  Wham-O bought the "Pluto Platter" model from Morrison in 1955.  The toy company changed the name of the disc to "Frisbee" in 1958.

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