Feb. 10: Chess Champ Falls to Computer 1996

VIDEO: Ron Brown Elected DNC Chairman

1989 Ron Brown Elected DNC Chairman

Ron Brown becomes the first African-American to lead a major U.S. political party.  He was elected to head the Democratic National Committee.

1996 Deep Blue Defeats Chess Champion Kasparov

Man vs.. Machine: IBM's Deep Blue computer defeated world chess champion Gary Kasparov in game one. The first game lasted about three hours.  Kasparov did go on to win the six-game match, winning three of the remaining games and tying the other two.

2006 New Tomb Discovered in Egypt

Archaeologists discovered a well-preserved ancient tomb in Egypt.

Famous Birthdays

1930 E.L. Konigsburg

1930 Robert Wagner

1950 Mark Spitz

1951 Bob Iger

1955 Jim Cramer

1961 Alexander Payne

1961 George Stephanopoulos

1964 Glenn Beck

1967 Laura Dern

1974 Elizabeth Banks

1991 Emma Roberts

1997 Chloe Moretz

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