GMA's 'Love Live': 3 Surprise Proposals in Times Square

VIDEO: Women had no idea their trip to NYC would end with an engagement.

Three women got the surprise of their lives on " Good Morning America" today when each of their boyfriends popped the question in the grandest way possible: a flash mob proposal in the heart of Times Square.

"You're the woman of my dreams. I love you so much. I can't imagine spending another second without you. Let's make one day, every day, starting today," Steven Ross said to his girlfriend, Gabby Federici, 24 , after a choreographed dance. He then shed his sweatshirt to reveal a tuxedo. "Gab, will you marry me?"

Next up was Steven Ross to girlfriend Bridget: "You are my best friend, and I love you so much. Would you do the honor of marrying me?"

And last but not least was Tim Tripp's proposal to girlfriend Tara Schmutzler: "I told you a long time ago you were it for me. Will you marry me?"

All three said yes!

"I'm just speechless,"  Schmutzler, 28, said after Tripp, 36, her boyfriend of nearly five years, proposed.

Tim Tripp, Joshua Henderson and Steven Ross all responded to a call out on for men who wanted "GMA" to help make their marriage proposals unforgettable events.

Josh Henderson wrote in an ode to girlfriend Bridget: "I have spent the last two years of my life with a woman I love and am proud of. I will be proposing this year, and I want to make it remarkable, wonderful (any positive adjective that you could put down), because she deserves it."

From a host of submissions, producers narrowed in on the three couples and got to planning.

The entire event was carefully orchestrated to keep the proposals  secret.  The big ruse to get the women to "GMA" was that they would be appearing with their boyfriends in a "Newlyweds" game-style segment on their ideal Valentine's Day dates.

"GMA" producers gave the women fake questionnaires to fill out about their dream dates, and they were told their guys were doing the same. What they didn't know is that as they were answering silly dating game questions all morning, their boyfriends were preparing to ask them the biggest question of their lives.

Producers confiscated the girlfriends' cell phones (because they interfered with our servers, wink wink) and kept the women out of earshot of the control room, where plans were in full swing for the live event. Meanwhile, the guys were hiding out in a tent outside the studio with our very own cupid, "GMA's" Cameron Mathison. They drew straws early that morning to determine who'd go first, second and third.

"I was stressing out all week about the questions you guys were going to ask," Tara Schmutzler said, with a huge smile after the big proposal.

Bridget was also "shocked," but Gabby Federici said she had her suspicions that boyfriend Steven Ross was up to something.

"I'm so excited, but they had to get here a little earlier than us," she said. "I was not expecting it. I'm still thrilled."

Now, the guys have got to figure out a way to top the proposal for the first dance at the wedding! Congratulations!

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