March 1: Peace Corps Established 1961

VIDEO: President Kennedy announces the establishment of the Peace Corps.

1961 Peace Corps Established

President John F. Kennedy announced the new Peace Corps program.  He envisioned a group of American men and women volunteering to assist in underdeveloped nations.

Kennedy felt that internal conflicts in less developed countries posed a threat to "the future of freedom around the world."  Peace Corps members work on a variety of  projects, including education, clean water, agriculture and medical care.

2007 Extreme Storms Hit Southern U.S.

A deadly tornado severely damaged a high school in Enterprise, Ala.  Students and faculty huddled  together in hallways as the storm ripped apart the school buildings. Warning sirens went off, but students had not been dismissed because administrators felt they would be safer inside the building than out on the road in buses.

Other areas of the nation were hit by heavy snowfall and hail.

Famous Birthdays

1914 Ralph Ellison

1947 Alan Thicke

1954 Ron Howard

1963 Maurice Benard

1973 Jack Davenport

1973 Chris Webber

1974 Mark-Paul Gosselaar

1978 Jensen Ackles

1987 Ke$ha

1989 Daniella Monet

1994 Justin Bieber

1995 Jonathan Krohn

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