March 13: Winter Weather Batters East Coast 1993

VIDEO: Blizzard of 1993

1993 'Great Blizzard' Slams East Coast

The record-breaking "storm of the century" devastated the East Coast from Florida to Maine with blizzard snows, high winds, floods and tornadoes.  Alabama saw 15 inches of snow, while Tennessee was hit with 21 inches.  High winds created white-out conditions on highways and knocked down trees.

1996 Scotland School Shooting

A former Boy Scout leader opened fire on young children at an elementary school in Dunblane, Scotland.  Seventeen children and a teacher were killed in the attack.

Famous Birthdays

1911 L. Ron Hubbard

1950 William H. Macy

1953 Ridley Pearson

1956 Dana Delany

1959 Kathy Hilton

1972 Common

1976 Danny Masterson

1985 Emile Hirsch

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