March 19: Energy Crisis in United States 2001

1992 Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson Separate

The marriage between Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson officially came to an end in 1992.  Fergie drew criticism for hiring her own lawyers to negotiate separation terms from Andrew, rather than letting the royal family do it quietly.

The couple had two children together - Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie of York.

2001 Energy Crisis in U.S.

California issued planned one-hour blackouts along portions of the grid to conserve energy.   The government worried that the energy supply shortage would severely hurt the economy.

2003 Iraq War Begins

President Bush's deadline for Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to step down passed.  Bush addressed the nation to announce that coalition forces had begun the disarmament of Iraq.

Famous Birthdays

1848 Wyatt Earp

1933 Philip Roth

1947 Glenn Close

1955 Bruce Willis

1964 Jake Weber

1967 Mary Scheer

1969 Connor Trinneer

1975 Mason Jennings

1976 Rachel Blanchard

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