April 3: Unabomber Arrested in Montana 1996


1996 Unabomber Suspect Arrested

On April 3, 1996, Unabomber suspect Ted Kaczynski was arrested at his remote cabin in Montana.  The FBI was able to trace both Kaczynski's motives and his meticulous bomb construction to zero in on him and his bomb-making campaign against universities and airlines that spanned more than 17 years.   In 1995, he mailed newspaper publishers a detailed manifesto criticizing modern technology.

The highly-educated Kaczynski had been living without electricity at his small cabin in the woods.  Neighbors were surprised by the arrest, describing him as a quiet, intelligent man.

2000 Microsoft Loses Anti-Trust Case

Microsoft was charged with illegally creating a monopoly over computer operating systems.

2003 Saddam Airport Overtaken

War With Iraq: U.S. troops took control of the Saddam International Airport in Baghdad.

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