'Nightline' Daily Line, June 19: New Reports of Mubarak's Waning Health

Hosni Mubarak Exclusive

11:52 p.m. ET: The largest U.S. Protestant denomination chose its first black president on Tuesday, an historic election for the predominately white religious group as it seeks to better reflect the diversity of the country and its membership, Reuters reports.

The choice of Fred Luter as the Christian denomination's leader is seen as an important statement about its efforts to distance itself from its racist past.

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10:20 p.m ET: The Huffington Post is reporting that a man who made headlines for his 100-pound scrotum now says he turned down an offer for free surgery to get rid of his bulging problem.

Read more on this *ahem* huge story here

5:36 p.m. ET: Confusion reigns as to former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's condition, as his lawyer denies state agency reports that Mubarak is clinically dead after suffering a stroke earlier today.

ABC News is closely following the story, read more here

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5:12 p.m. ET: HURRICANE A'COMIN'? Eh. Maybe not.

The National Hurricane Center announced that Tropical Storm Chris has formed off the coast of Newfoundland in the Atlantic Ocean but is no threat to land.

4:22 p.m. ET: An Interior Ministry spokesman says Egypt's ousted leader Hosni Mubarak has been moved from prison to a military hospital after reports he he suffered a stroke and his condition rapidly worsened, the Associated Press reported.

Credit: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Mubarak was sentenced to life in prison on June 2 for failing to stop the killing of protesters in last year's uprising that led to his ouster.

Christiane Amanpour got an exclusive interview with the Egyptian president last year during the uprising. Watch the video HERE:

2:01 p.m. ET: Face of the Euro Cup: This young Poland fan cheers prior to the UEFA EURO 2012 group A match between Poland and Russia at The National Stadium in Warsaw, Poland, June 12, 2012.

Credit: Shaun Botterill/Getty Images

12:49 p.m. ET: ABC News' Jonathan Karl scoops that the Romney campaign is not vetting Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., for the VP spot.

Credit: Riccardo S. Savi/WireImage/Getty Images

"Knowledgeable Republican sources tell me that Rubio is not being vetted by Mitt Romney's vice presidential search team. He has not been asked to complete any questionnaires or been asked to turn over any financial documents typically required of potential vice presidential candidates," Karl reports.

Rubio had been a rising star in the Republican party and had long been floated as a possible running mate for Mitt Romney. Watch what Rubio said on "Nightline" about being VP and his thoughts on the last GOP veep nomination, Sarah Palin:

10:37 a.m. ET: Is Microsoft's newly revealed Surface tablet an iPad killer?

Credit: Joanna Stern / ABC News

ABC News tech editor Joanna Stern was covering the mysterious announcement in L.A. yesterday, and got a few minutes to play with one. Read her take HERE.

9:34 a.m. ET: The Northeast braces for a monster heat wave as all that hot air that was heating up the South and Midwest makes its way East.

The National Weather Service is expecting temperatures to be 20 degrees hotter from today's highs in Washington, D.C. to Boston. The latest forecast calls for 101 degrees in Boston, 98 in New York City, 97 in Philly and 99 in D.C. tomorrow. But on top of that, the humidity factor will make it feel more like 100 degrees.

Meanwhile, firefighters continue to wage war against major wildfires across much of the Rocky Mountain region. Over 1 million acres have been destroyed in Colorado.

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