'Nightline' Daily Line, July 17: Delta Flight Needle Victim Put on HIV Meds

VIDEO: J-Lo and Casper Discuss Love Life, 2012 Tour

4:50 p.m. ET: Kerry Kennedy pleaded not guilty today to driving under the influence of drugs, and said that a seizure caused the erratic driving that led to a collision with a tractor-trailer last week.

She said "I remember getting on the highway and then I have no memory until I was stopped at a traffic light and a police officer was at my car door."

Watch Kennedy's press conference where she apologized for the crash below: 2:25 p.m. ET:If diplomatic achievements were measured by the number of countries visited, Hillary Rodham Clinton would be the most accomplished secretary of state in history, reports the AP.

Courtesy of ABC News

While historians will debate and eventually rate her tenure as America's top diplomat, Clinton is already assured of a place in the State Department record book. The globetrotting Clinton has traveled to 102 countries and logged a mind-boggling 843,839 miles. Read the full story here 10:51 a.m. ET: Don't miss Jennifer Lopez and her new boyfriend, Casper, on the show tonight! Here's a teaser: their appearance on "GMA" this morning:

10:40 a.m.: Here's the latest - an ABC News exclusive - on the scary story we led with last night involving needles in sandwiches on a Delta flight: Delta Flight Needle Victim Put on HIV Meds.

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