'Nightline' Daily Line, Oct. 12: Fact Checking the VP Debate

12:56 p.m. ET: ZUMBA SEX SCADNAL: Defense attorneys representing some of the more than 100 alleged clients of Alexis Wright, who is accused of running a prostitution ring out of her Maine dance studio, have asked a judge to block the release of their names.

Read the story HERE and tune into "Nightline" tonight for the latest developments.

Credit: AP Photo

11:37 a.m. ET: Speaking of the debate, here's a round-up of hilarious gifs from from our favorite debate moments:

See more HERE

10:35 a.m. ET: FACT CHECK: Now that the vice presidential debate is over, the ABC News Fact Check Team, which includes ABC's Dana Hughes and Sunlen Miller, went through the transcript line-by-line to pull out some key facts that were thrown around.

Read their anaylsis HERE

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