Instant Index: Firefighter Reunited With Boy He Saved

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Tonight's Instant Index:

Uncovered The force of Superstorm Sandy uncovered what is believed to be the Bessie White, a four-masted Canadian coal schooner that sank about 90 years ago. The wreckage was discovered on New York's Fire Island.

Image credit: Cheryl J. Hapke/USGS

Reunited On Nov. 9, 2002, a newborn was abandoned outside a fire station in Arlington, Texas. On Thursday, Koregan Quintanilla, now 10, was reunited with the firefighter who found him. Quintanilla, who was eventually adopted by his foster parents, greeted firefighter Wesley Keck with an enormous hug. Quintanilla had asked his mother whether he could visit the station on his birthday, which is celebrated on the day Keck discovered Quintanilla covered in blankets outside the firehouse.

Image credit: Tony Gutierrez/AP Photo

Killer Whales Chase Diver and Dog Out of Ocean In this video uploaded to YouTube on Monday, a diver and a dog are chased out of the ocean by two orca whales near Auckland, New Zealand.

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