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Tonight's Instant Index:

Watch Out for the Whale A father and daughter came face to face with two humpback whales off the coast of Australia. At one point in the video, the young girl freaked out when she thought one of the whales was going to hit the small boat she was on. Eventually, the gentle giants went right under the boat and swam off, leaving the dad and daughter with an adventure they will never forget.

Metro Safety Goes Viral Cute characters singing a cheerful song about death apparently is an unstoppable combination - at least on the Internet. Melbourne Metro's PSA titled "Dumb Ways to Die" has more than 28 million views on YouTube. Watch at your own risk - many people in our newsroom had this morbid, yet catchy tune stuck in their heads the entire day.

Name That Baby BabyCenter released its list of the "100 most popular baby names of 2012." Aiden was the No. 1 boys name for the eighth consecutive year and Sophia was the most popular girls name for the third year in a row. The website compiled the list from 450,000 baby names that parents submitted to the site. Here's the Top 5 names for each gender.

Boys' Names: 1. Aiden 2. Jackson 3. Ethan 4. Liam 5. Mason

Girls' Names: 1. Sophia 2. Emma 3. Olivia 4. Isabella 5. Ava

Rainbow of Hope A visual art display is using the roof of the Standard Hotel in downtown Manhattan to send a rainbow to Brooklyn and Queens, two of the areas hit hardest by Sandy. "Global Rainbow, After the Storm" has used seven different colored lasers to light up the sky since Tuesday and this evening is the final night of the installation.

Image credit: Theo Wargo/Getty Images
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