'Nightline' Daily Line, Dec. 5: WH 'Absolutely' Willing to Go Off Fiscal Cliff

Catamaran Sailing Attracts NASCAR-Type Crowd

6:37 p.m. ET: It's estimated that only 100 to 200 snow leopards are left in Afghanistan and that only 2,000 are left in the entire world.

ABC's TJ Winick talked with big cat tracker Boone Smith about his hunt for the elusive big cat.

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Credit: Nat Geo Wild

5:58 p.m. ET: Hang on to your hats… President Obama's lead negotiator in the "fiscal cliff" talks said the administration is "absolutely" willing to allow the package of deep automatic spending cuts and across-the-board tax hikes to take effect Jan. 1, unless Republicans drop their opposition to higher income tax rates on the wealthy.

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4:04 p.m. ET: UPDATE: Serial killer Israel Keyes committed suicide in his Alaska jail cell by embedding a disposable razor blade into a pencil and slitting his wrist and using bedding material to strangle himself, the FBI said today.

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12:29 p.m. ET: You wouldn't thinking sailing was an extreme sport, but Catamaran sailing, where these racing boats can reach up to 50 mph, is starting to attact a NASCAR-type crowd. ABC's Nick Watt took a ride with Jimmy Spithill, the youngest skipper to win America's Cup. Watch what happens:

10:04 a.m. ET: Oops… ROYAL BABY UPDATE: The hospital where Kate Middleton is battling acute nausea fell for a prank call from an Australian radio show, revealing to the royal impersonators that Kate is "quite stable" and hasn't "had any retching."

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