'Nightline' Daily Line, Jan. 7: Mariah Carey Exclusive

Zero Dark Thirty: Real-Life Stories Behind Controversial OBL Film

6:55 p.m. ET: TONIGHT on Nightline: How to turn presents from holidays past into fast cash and gifts. Get the scoop HERE

5:01 p.m. ET: PHOTO of the DAY:

Credit: Department of State/Nick Merrill

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got a standing ovation from colleagues as she returned to work today. She was also the subject of some office ribbing as colleagues presented her with a football helmet and jersey. Clinton had been away from work while recovering from a fall where she hit her head. Doctors later detected a blood clot.

Read the full story HERE

3:25 p.m. ET: UPDATE: A "Nightline" investigation last week found the generic version of Toradol is still being used in college and professional football programs across the country even as many team doctors have stopped using it because of concerns about the various risks.

Unlike championship rival Alabama, the team doctor for Notre Dame football, Dr. James Moriarity, told ABC News he does not rule out the "occasional use" of the controversial painkiller Toradol on game days to treat Fighting Irish players if "medically indicated."

Read the full story HERE

1:50 p.m. ET: Kathryn Bigelow, the director of "Zero Dark Thirty," the Hollywood dramatization of the decade-long hunt for Osama bin Laden, said she felt obligated to include grisly scenes of detainee torture at the hands of the CIA to tell the whole story of how America's most wanted man was finally killed.

Read the full story HERE. "Nightline" spoke to Bigelow and "Zero Dark Thirty" screenwriter Mark Boal about the real-life stories behind the controversial film. Watch what happened HERE:

12:48 p.m. ET: UPDATE: A preliminary hearing for accused Aurora movie theater shooter James Holmes begins today in Colorado, with victims and families expected to be present. One family member likened attending the hearing to having to "face the devil."

Credit: Arapahoe County Sheriff/AP Photo

Read ABC's Clayton Sandell's story as it is updated with the latest from Holmes' trial HERE

11:33 a.m. ET: In case you missed our Friday night special edition, ABC's John Donvan and "Nightline" producer Mary Marsh brought us an incredible story, three years in the making. It was the story of Lindsay Ess, a young woman who lost her hands and feet to an infection and underwent a radical double hand transplant.

Credit: Judith Aronson

Read about Lindsay's story HERE

Watch part 1:

Part 2:

And part 3:

10:03 a.m. ET: Tonight marks an end of an era for "Nightline." It's our last broadcast at our usual 11:35 p.m. ET time slot after more than 30 years. Tomorrow we will move to a new time at 12:35 p.m. ET and we hope you'll join us!

Tonight's show will feature Barbara Walters' exclusive with Mariah Carey, who opens up about her music, being a mother to her and husband Nick Cannon's young twins and the next chapter of her career.

Credit: Bill Boatman

Read more HERE and watch a preview of the piece HERE:

Tomorrow, Cynthia McFadden brings us her sitdown with "Django Unchained" director Quintin Terrantino, and the film's stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Foxx. You don't want to miss it! Get a sneak peek of what's to come HERE:

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