'Nightline' Daily Line, Jan. 21: Inauguration Day

VIDEO: President Obama looks at crowd gathered for his second inauguration.

7:10 p.m. ET: PHOTO OP: President Barack Obama kisses first lady Michelle Obama as their daughters Sasha, left, takes a photo with her smartphone during the Inaugural parade, Jan. 21, 2013.

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5:22 p.m. ET: "Nightline" senior producer Melinda Arons tweets:

3:59 p.m. ET: Watch does fashion guru Tim Gunn think of Michelle Obama's new bangs? "I have to say I do believe the bangs are something of a metaphor," Gunn told "Nightline." "We are going into a whole new four years of the Obama presidency, and it sends a very striking sound and symbol as far as I am concerned. And I think she looks wonderful." Watch the full story on the inaugural balls and Michelle Obama as a fashion icon TONIGHT on "Nightline.

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3:16 p.m. ET: "Nightline" anchor Bill Weir tweets:

2:37 p.m. ET: WATCH: President Obama looks out at inauguration crowds "one more time":

1:39 p.m. ET: UPDATE: "Nightline" anchor Terry Moran: Inauguration Fits 'Next America'

In response to remarks about Obama's reference to gay marriage, Nightline's Terry Moran analyzes the firsts of this inauguration:

Has Spanish been spoken before? Has there ever been a bigger crowd for a second inaugural?

To me, Obama's speech, this crowd, the whole program, seemed deliberately designed to confirm the "next America"-younger, more diverse, more non-native, socially liberal-as the source of authority, even legitimacy in the nation going forward.

That's what the election was really about, deep down. And the feeling out here seems more than the usual inaugural victory lap of the party in power. It seems cultural-and historic. It's their moment. And so is tomorrow-not in a partisan sense. In a factual one.

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1:04 p.m. ET: HA! Check out Melia's sweet dance moves when her mom Michelle Obama came out to greet her by the podium on the Capitol steps:

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12:10 p.m. ET: President Obama's inaugural speech: Get the full transcript HERE

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11:38 a.m. ET: "Nightline" anchor Bill Weir tweets:

Credit: @BillWeirABC/Twitter

10:55 a.m. ET: LIVE UPDATES: Four years and one day after President Obama first took his first oath of office, America is once again celebrating his Inauguration. This time the schedule includes performances by Beyonce and Katy Perry, a parade with more than 2,000 members of the military and two Inaugural balls.

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10:11 a.m. ET: "Nightline" is on the ground at inauguration with our anchors Terry Moran and Bill Weir. Follow them on Twitter @TerryMoran and @BillWeirABC for up-to-date happenings at President Obama's second inauguration.

Capitol dome at sunrise. Credit: AP Photo

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