Instant Index: Presidential Support for ‘Asteroid Rodeo’

By Rachel Katz

Apr 6, 2013 11:15pm

instant index blog 640x100 Instant Index: Presidential Support for Asteroid Rodeo

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gty honus wagner baseball card jt 130406 wblog Instant Index: Presidential Support for Asteroid Rodeo

Image credit: Scott Eells/Bloomberg via Getty Images

A Honus Wagner baseball card has been sold for $2.1 million. The baseball card was origionally released in 1909 by the American Tobacco Company. It currently holds the record for the most money every paid for a baseball card at an auction.


ht google glasses video grab jt 130406 wblog Instant Index: Presidential Support for Asteroid Rodeo

Image credit: Google

Americans are now getting a first glimps at how Google Glasses work. The glasses are being called “argumented reality” eyewear, essentially putting a  transparent computer screen in front of the users eyes. So far 8,000 Americans have tried them out.


President Obama will reportedly announce his support for NASA’s plan to build a robotic spaceship next week. The spaceship will capture asteroids by using a lasso. NASA had been planning for a robotic spaceship to capture a small asteroid and they are now aming to capture a 25- foot-wide one.  Scientists are hoping to drag the asteroid into orbit around the moon, to study it’s composition.

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