Instant Index: Paul McCartney the Beetle Meets Harold the Grasshopper

VIDEO: Instant Index: Bracing for the Cicada Invasion

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Uninvited Guests The Beatle who launched a British invasion was the victim of a different kind of invasion in Brazil. Paul McCartney was swarmed by grasshoppers at the piano and one even settled on his arm for the duration of the show. A longtime animal rights activist, McCartney was unfazed and gave one of his friends a name: "Harold."

Image credit: MJ Kim/MPL Productions

Image credit: MJ Kim/MPL Productions

Popular Baby Names The annual list of America's most popular baby names is out and for the 14th straight year Jacob took the top spot for boys, followed by Mason, Ethan, Noah and William. Sophia is No. 1 for girls for the second year in a row and Emma, Isabella, Olivia and Ava round out the Top 5.

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