Instant Index: Wheel of Fortune Contestant Wins $1 Million

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Winning the $1 million prize on "Wheel of Fortune" is like pulling off a no-hitter; almost impossible. Autumn Ernhard first had to land on that tiny green sliver of the wheel, which she did. Next, she had to get a secret card on another spin. Pat Sajak held it. Then, with only four letters showing, she had to solve a two-word puzzle - and did it in one second. With happy parents and a happy fiance, Autumn also just had a birthday. It seems turning 30 hasn't been too bad for her.

It's not a bird or a plane, it's a giant asteroid. A 2-mile wide asteroid, known as 1998 QE2, sailed safely past Earth and could be seen through a backyard telescope. It even has its own moon. Originally discovered on August 19, 1998, the space rock got within 3.6 million miles of Earth, but that's still 15 times further away than our moon.

The only rule in the University of Miami's Annual Underwater Photo Contest is no photos of divers, just sea life. The college received 650 entries, and the best image came from the other side of the country in California. Off the coast of San Diego, one contestant snapped an image of a harbor seal in a kelp forest. The seal wasn't camera shy, in the least.

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