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John Travolta, Wedding Crasher A bride and groom in Georgia were treated to a real life wedding crasher with a familiar face. John Travolta made a surprise appearance over the weekend, posing with the newly wedded couple after meeting them at a local bar the night before. Sporting an outfit from the era of his famous Hollywood film "Grease," Travolta later posed for a group shot with the wedding party.

Princeton Alum: Is That Neil Diamond? At their annual reunions weekend Saturday, Princeton students were duped. The 50th reunion tent for the class of 1963 quickly became a mad house when Neil Diamond seemed to start playing at the reception. Unfortunately, it wasn't the real Neil Diamond, but a Las Vegas performer by the name of Jay White, who makes his living pretending to be the Grammy Award winner. The news was broken to attendees after the party was over and the tents were taken down, much to their dismay.

BASE Jumping at 102 To celebrate her 102nd birthday, Dorothy Custer of Twin Falls, Idaho, BASE-jumped a staggering 486 feet from Perrine Bridge. It was a tandem jump, with professional BASE jumper Sean Chuman along for the terrifying drop. Perrine Bridge is the only manmade structure in the United States that allows the courageous few to jump without a permit. While Custer expected a quiet birthday this year, her family had other plans, and bought the jump for her. What a great family.

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