Instant Index: Jon Stewart Takes a Hiatus

VIDEO: Instant Index: Jon Stewart Takes a Hiatus From the Daily Show to Direct a Movie.

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Philadelphia Orchestra Plays for Flight Stuck on the Runway After a plane from Beijing to Macao was delayed on the runway, members of the Philadelphia Orchestra found themselves with three hours to kill. They busted out their instruments and played Dvorak's "American String Quartet No. 12 Finale" for the stranded flyers. When they finished, their grateful fellow travelers said thanks with an eruption of applause. The musicians were touring China to mark the orchestra's groundbreaking trip there 40 years ago.

Jon Stewart Signs Off Jon Stewart said goodbye to "The Daily Show" Thursday night as he began his summer off. The comedian is taking 12 weeks to direct his first film, and he joked his summer reading list consists of "Filmmaking for Dummies." Stewart passed the "Daily Show" baton to John Oliver, who will take over at the anchor desk until Stewart's return after Labor Day - if Oliver lets him, that is.

(Carolyn Kaster/AP Photo)

Happy National Doughnut Day! If you ate a free doughnut today in honor of National Doughnut Day, you have a few women to thank. During World War I, volunteers with the Salvation Army baked fresh donuts and brought them to soldiers on the frontlines. National Doughnut Day was created to salute their generosity. Americans eat 10 billion doughnuts every year, but the first doughnuts were brought over by the Dutch. They called them Oliebollen and they were solid. The doughnut holes came later. Removing the middle made them firmer and better able to stand up to dunking.

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