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Don't Blame the Beer

A new study released today from the University of California Davis could be a reality check for anyone who's been trying to work off their beer gut. In the study, researchers said beer bellies are a myth and calories from beer don't specifically target your gut. So beer isn't to blame, but don't tell Homer Simpson.

Seeing-Eye Dog Hero

A yellow Labrador retriever named O'Neil proved why dogs are man's best friend. Training to become a seeing-eye dog, O'Neil was guiding two trainers down a street in San Rafael, Calif., when a driver accidentally hit the gas. As the car barreled down the sidewalk, O'Neil tugged the two humans to safety. Looks like O'Neil officially earned his stripes as a guide dog.

The Tiny Surfer

A dad gave a minisurf lesson recently in Waikiki, an oceanfront spot in Honolulu. Chase, 3, grinned with delight as his father, Jacob, started paddling them forward to catch a wave. Jacob helped his son stand up. With his hands shaking, he reached out for dad and the ride was a success. A tiny surfer was born, and with a quick high-five, the father and son went back for more.

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