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Credit: Jon Shenk/AP Photo

Balloon Internet Service
Google Inc. is launching an ambitious plan to get some of the most remote areas of the planet online. Last week, Google released 30 helium balloons over New Zealand carrying transmitters designed to beam 3G internet service to billions of people who still can't get online. A farmer in one small town was able to get Internet for the first time when the balloon passed by his house, albeit for 15 minutes. When the balloons were tested 18 months ago in California, people started phoning in UFO sightings.

Just Let Him Keep It

Russian President Vladimir Putin is known for his flashy, bizarre stunts, but this one may take the cake. Putin allegedly snatched a Super Bowl Championship ring from New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft during a trip to Russia in 2005. Kraft says when Putin tried it on he said, "I can kill someone with this," before putting it into his pocket and walking off. Kraft said when he tried to ask for it back, he was quickly surrounded by three members of the FSB - Russia's CIA equivalent. The ring is reportedly now being showcased in a Kremlin library.

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