Instant Index: Dolphins Enjoy the Splendor of Southern California

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Image credit: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

Additions to the Oxford English Dictionary

New words have made it into the Oxford English Dictionary. The word "tweet" made the cut and is defined as "to make a posting on the social networking service Twitter." Oxford also added "live blog" and "mani-pedi," as well as a word that's late to the party: "warp speed." Normally, a word has to be used for 10 years before Oxford will add it, but it bent the rules for "tweet," saying "it seems to be catching on."

Dolphins Galore

An image and a video from the same stretch of ocean off the coast of Southern California are going viral today. The image shows a dolphin leaping through a kind of watery hula hoop. The video caught a stampede of dolphins as far as the eye could see. The mega pod of dolphins had 2,000 in all. It turns out that Southern California has the greatest concentration of dolphins on Earth, more than Florida, Alaska and Hawaii combined.

Flash Mob Farewell

Roger Boddie, a principal at Hingham Middle School in Hingham, Mass., was retiring after 36 years and his school had a surprise for him. He thought he was making a video about the school, but in the parking lot behind him, a flash mob started. Students held up a sign that said, "Thank you for believing in us." Boddie joked that kids will do anything to get out of class.

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