Instant Index: Colorado Firefighters' Remarkable Act of Kindness

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Colorado Firefighters' Remarkable Act of Kindness A family evacuated during the wildfire in Colorado came home to a remarkable act of kindness. When they returned home they found a note from firefighters that said, "Sorry for tracking (dirt) on the upstairs carpet. Needed to close windows to keep fire out." The family said today they cried when they read it.

Possible UFO Above Stonehenge Sparks Flurry of Calls A tiny dot above Stonehenge in a photo sparked a flurry of calls from concerned citizens who thought it was a UFO. British intelligence studied the image and others. Today, officials revealed for the first time that they'd concluded the dots weren't UFOs. In fact, they say, in many cases they were Chinese lanterns, the glowing balloons popular at weddings. They say the rise in popularity of the balloons was in lockstep with a spike in call about UFOs.

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