Instant Index: Swarm of Bees Delays US Airways Flight

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Swarm of Bees Delays US Airways Flight Planes have been delayed for weather and for mechanical problems but for bees? That's a new one. A US Airways flight from Charlotte to Indianapolis couldn't move because a sudden swarm of bees had taken a tow vehicle hostage. The plane was stuck until the beekeepers arrived.

Hot-Air Balloon Floats on a Lake Hot-air balloons are supposed to float in the air, but one in the Netherlands ended up on the surface of a lake Tuesday. Bystanders dragged 11 tourists out of the basket. There were only two minor injuries.

George H.W. Bush Shaves His Head for 2-Year-Old With Leukemia George H.W. Bush and a 2-year-old boy won the irresistible photo of the day. When Bush noticed some of his security detail donning shaved heads in support of 2-year-old Patrick, who is being treated for leukemia, the 89-year-old former president had his shaved too. The Bushes lost their second child, Robin, to leukemia when she was 4.

(Office of George Bush)

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