Instant Index: Man Orders Everything on the McDonalds Menu

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'W heel of Fortune ' Contestant Just Misses Big Prize It was a tough "Wheel of Fortune" loss for contestant Paul Atkinson. The Oregon firefighter came so close, with the wheel landing on the $1 million prize. Atkinson said he was "going to solve Corner Curo Cabinet," but he got the buzzer. The next contestant got a big freebie because Atkinson had mispronounced the answer. Atkinson told ABC News he just didn't know how to pronounce it but he has no hard feelings.

Man Orders Everything on the McDonalds Menu A Wisconsin man created a "Mc-Everything," all 43 sandwiches on the McDonalds menu in one giant 4-foot-tall sandwich held together by bamboo skewers. He ordered just as McDonalds was switching from breakfast to lunch so he could order from both menus. It cost him a whopping $140.22 plus an extra $1 for a diet Coke. By our math, that's 18,000 calories. He says he has leftovers to last him for days.

(Nick via Dude Foods)

Jerry Seinfeld Does Mets' Play-by-Play Even casual baseball fans tuning into the New York Mets game Tuesday night may have recognized one of those faces in the booth calling the game. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld, a lifelong Mets fan, helped out with the play-by-play. Unfortunately, his team lost.

Look Out for Tonight's Harvest Moon In the sky tonight, keep your eyes peeled for the Harvest Moon. It's the last full moon before the fall equinox.

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