Instant Index: Reader's Digest Tests Most Honest Cities

VIDEO: Aaron Alexis marched through the Navy Yard going door to door with a sawed-off shotgun in his hand.

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Cocker Spaniel Saves the Day on Family Vacation Dogs aren't only man's best friend, they're mom's best friend too. A new home video is going viral online of a cocker spaniel playing with a baby during a family beach vacation in Turkey. When the mom turns her back on them and the baby makes a beeline for the water, the little dog runs to save the day until mom can sprint to the rescue.

Reader's Digest Tests Most Honest Cities They say "honesty is the best policy" but it may depend on where you live. Reader's Digest conducted a kind of behavior lab where 192 wallets were left unattended across 16 cities worldwide. The city with the highest number of returned wallets was Helsinki, Finland. In London, less than half the wallets were returned. The city most likely to have a finder's keepers policy? Lisbon, Portugal.

(Chad Ehlers/Getty Images)

Humpback Whale Spotted Off Queens, N . Y . Two brothers and their dad were out on the water in their boat off Queens, N.Y., when they spotted a humpback whale feasting on fish. The whale was so close, the trio got drenched by the splashing. Experts say this time of year, whales roam up and down the East Coast looking for a good meal.

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