Instant Index: Prince William Takes Over Knighting

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Abominable Snowman Descendant of Polar Bear, Scientists Say There's a new explanation for an ancient mystery. Legend has it the Abominable Snowman, said to be roaming the Himalayas, is half man and half bear. Tonight, an Oxford scientist says DNA from hair strands found in the mountains proves it is a direct descendant of a 40,000-year-old polar bear. It's even possibly a hybrid of a white polar bear and a brown bear.

Prince William Takes Over Knighting Today the queen took a break from anointing people as knights so Prince William did the honors. Using a ceremonial sword, he practiced at home beforehand. Among those honored was Wimbledon champion Andy Murray who said he almost missed his big moment because the Tennis Association showed up to give him a routine drug test. Murray said a speedy taxi driver got him there in the nick of time.

(Image Credit: Jonathan Brady/AP Photo)

'Glee' to End in 2015 It's official, 2015 will be the final curtain for the television show "Glee." The show's creator says he always knew how he wanted the show to end. He wanted the last shot, the last line to be between "Glee's" Romeo and Juliet, Rachel and Finn. But after Corey Monteith died from a drug overdose, Ryan Murphy said he is trying to dream a new farewell.

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