Instant Index: Ringo Starr Searches for Grown Up Teens

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Carol Burnett Receives Mark Twain Award Carol Burnett was awarded the country's top prize for comedy, the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. A younger generation of comedians paid tribute to the 80-year-old Sunday night. When Burnett first launched her show, she was warned, "It's a man's game," but now she's the one having the last laugh.

(Marvin Joseph/The Washington Post/Getty Images)

Ringo Starr Searches for Grown Up Teens Where were you in 1964? Back then, the Beatles had just arrived in the United States and Ringo Starr snapped a picture of the crowd. A pack of teenagers surrounded their car, smiling back at him. Starr kept the photo all these years and is now trying to find those grown-up kids. He thinks it was taken in Miami and those teens would now be in their 60s.

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