Instant Index: Lioness Hugs Men Who Rescued Her as a Cub

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Photographer Captures Real Life Nemo A photographer captured a real life Nemo. He took a picture of a clown fish keeping a watchful eye over her eggs, just like Nemo's parents did in Disney's "Finding Nemo." The image was taken in the Red Sea.

Lioness Hugs Men Who Rescued Her as a Cub An incredible bond between man and beast was caught on camera. A lioness was snapped hugging the two men who'd saved her when as a cub, she was cast out by her pride. The men taught her to hunt and survive on her own. They plan to release her back into the wild.

Michelle Pfeiffer Reveals She Was in a Cult Michelle Pfeiffer said today that she was once in a cult. It happened when she was 20 and just starting out in Hollywood. She says she fell under the control of a couple who advocated a strange and strict diet. Only after hearing an ex-Moonie describe the psychological manipulation he had endured, did the now 55-year-old actress realize that she was in a cult as well.

King Tut Struck by Chariot, Evidence Suggests King Tut was just 19 when he died but how he met his end has long been debated. New forensic evidence suggests the boy pharaoh was struck by a chariot that damaged his internal organs and shattered his bones. Scientists consulted with car crash investigators who say King Tut's injuries are consistent with a kind of ancient highway accident.

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