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Best Time to Drink Coffee Is 10:30 A.M. Scientists have calculated the best time for you to have your morning cup of coffee and it's not when you first wake up. For peak alertness, you should have that coffee at 10:30 a.m. because the hormone cortisol, which helps you feel awake, is naturally high until about 9 a.m. A hit of caffeine at 10:30 a.m. will make that wide awake feeling last longer.

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Open Auditions Being Held for 'Star Wars' You could star in the "Star Wars" movie. Casting directors are looking for a "street-smart and strong" orphaned girl in her late teens and a "smart, capable" man in his early 20s. Open auditions will be held in the UK for two leading roles.

Tiger Cubs Take Swim Test at National Zoo There was a rite of passage today for two little ones at the National Zoo. In order to be allowed to live with mom in the sanctuary, two 13-week-old tiger cubs had to prove they could swim in a moat. Each took a swim test to prove they could keep their heads above water and make it back to dry land.

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